Getting A Loft

Getting a loft conversion can be one of the best ways to add more space, and considerably more value, to your house.

Being fully bespoke and uniquely tailored to your specific requirements, a Cinque Ports Carpentry loft conversion has the potential to be the most spacious room in your home whilst adding significant value to your property.

Given that it is potentially one of life's biggest expenses after a mortgage or car etc, you need to make sure you are using the best loft conversion company but without breaking the bank.

We don't just want to provide you with a great loft conversion, we want to leave you with a stunning loft conversion so you can tell all your friends and family about us.

Don't just take our word for it, get in touch and let's build you that dream loft you've always wanted.

Depending On Your Property

Depending on your property type you can choose a design from one of the 4 following options;

Dormer: This design provides maximum walking and headroom space and provides lots of natural light.

Velux: One of the simplest and most cost effective options. Consisting of 1 or a number of windows in-line with the sloping roof.

Hip to Gable: The loft is converted at the gable end, bringing the sloping gable up vertically to create lots more space in the loft.

Mansard: Similar in concept to a Dormer design, this conversion design can allow a full roof-length loft conversion.

Whichever option you choose, rest assured you will benefit from our many years of loft conversion expertise.
Here are 3 key benefits to converting your loft

  1. Property Value Increase: Getting a professionally designed loft conversion can add 10-20% to your house value.
  2. Save Money: Get a loft conversion, for the extra room space you need, instead of a costly house move/upgrade.
  3. Less Hassle & Stress: Avoid all the hassle associated with trying to get a new mortgage and the stress of moving everything & everyone to a new location.

Can My Loft Be Converted?

Although there are numerous factors to be considered, you can typically judge for yourself whether or not a conversion is feasible. If you stand under the apex and find that you have space of approximately 7'6" from the ridge to the ceiling joist, then it can be done.

However, through using our online enquiry form, we can arrange for one of our experienced designers to visit your home and advise you regarding the most suitable means of implementing your loft conversion idea and utilising your available loft space to its maximum potential

Regardless of the size and shape of your loft, our significant expertise will ensure that the advise you receive is clear, accurate and helpful - combining your personal loft conversion ideas with our vast experience in creating effective living spaces.

Furthermore, our quotes are free, in depth and at no obligation; attentively constructed to your every requirement.