SIP's Description

SIPs eco panels easi-wall system and easi-roof system are an advanced yet affordable pre-insulated form of construction They are unbelievably strong yet lightweight and are used in place of blockwork for walls and trusses in the roof Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology ensures every panel is precision cut, so they are straight and true and little to no construction waste is created

  • Incredibly strong, offering high strength and tremendous load carrying capacity
  • Greater energy efficiency from thinner panels than most of our competitors
  • Offer a range of panel thicknesses down to 0.13 U-value through walls
  • Recyclable, an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of zero and a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of zero
  • Our insulation has an A+ Green Guide Rating, is 98% air and 100% recyclable – will not absorb moisture and is not thermal degradable
  • Suitable for walls & all roof designs
  • Off-site technology combined with accuracy & design versatility

For more details please take a look at our SIPs PDF brochure

SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) have been in use since the 1930s when they were invented in America in an effort to use timber more efficiently. Since those first houses were built SIP technology has come a long way and has become an established industry in America with some 42 million square feet of SIP panels being built in the US in 2009. The market share of SIPs in the US has grown in each of the past 5 years versus other forms of construction and has been used in Europe, especially Northern Europe, far longer than in the UK due to greater emphasis on keeping the cold outside.

Since SIPs were introduced to the UK in the 1980s, they have gone from strength to strength, with thousands of SIP houses now built in the UK due to their excellent energy efficiency and strength.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a structural frame made from a sandwich of two layers of structure and one layer of insulation. The standard 119mm SIPs panel Cinque Ports Carpentry use comprises of two layers of Oriented Strand Board (OSB), either side of 97mm of premium carbon treated expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The nature of the stressed skin panel makes it exceptionally strong, whilst largely comprising of insulation, meaning you can achieve high levels of insulation in thinner wall thicknesses than other forms of construction. With no need for cavity or internal insulation, structural insulated panels can provide a very fast way of constructing very efficient walls with u-values as low as 0.14 using standard SIPs Panels.

SIPs can be used as the inner skin of a cavity wall (in place of timber frame or blocks), or can be used as a pre-insulated roofing structure. They are suitable for new builds and home extensions as well as being ideal in-fill panels between other structures like steel or oak frames.

Structural insulated panels are a very flexible product and can be used with any external cladding, be it brick, render, weatherboarding or aluminium cladding. Equally they can be roofed with slates, tiles or metal roofing. Internally they can be simply finished with plasterboard and a skim coating (with service cavities where needed) meaning that wet trades are kept to a minimum, speeding up build times even further.

Timber Frame Erection

Why Timber Frame?

More people across the UK are choosing to build in Timber Frame rather than the more traditional brick and block construction. This method is popular with major UK house builders and virtually all self builders being both quick to erect and environmentally friendly.

Our Timber Frame Erection process has been honed into an efficient, fast but above all high quality service. The Frame is delivered directly from the factory to your site and the erection of the structure commences immediately.

We also offer a Site Build Service (known in the US as 'Stick Build'). This is becoming increasingly popular as land becomes more expensive and plots get smaller so cannot accommodate the large delivery vehicles and cranes that factory built Timber Frames require. Cinque Ports Carpentry will advise which system is best suited to your plot.

Our Timber Frame Erection expertise is also available as a stand alone service aimed at other Timber Frame providers and Property Developers Please Contact us for details of this service.

Garden Room

A garden room, garden office, garden studio or garden annex creates a luxurious alternative to a house extension, but with less disruption to your business or lifestyle.

Cinque Ports Carpentry create individually designed garden buildings, giving you the extra space you, your family or your business requires, often without the need for planning permission. We have designed, built and installed a range of garden studios to suite all kinds of uses. Let us assist you in making your garden room designs come to life!

From the initial design visit through to the final build stage; we'll listen to your ideas and guide you through the entire build process.

So if you want a stunning music room, spa room, hot tub room, gymnasium, hobbies room, garden office or art studio... we can design a bespoke Contemporary Garden Room to suit your every requirement.