What is EPDM Rubbercover Roofing?

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) Rubber Roofing is a synthetic rubber membrane that is supplied literally in 1 piece, cut specifically for your flat roof. When we say 1 piece, we mean 1 piece, not heat welded together or glued. In fact we can supply roofs in 1 piece up to 15 meters wide by 61 meters long.

Proven Over More Than 50 Years

You can rely on an EPDM Rubber roof because it's been installed successfully in the USA over more than 40 years. Unlike many other "newer" materials to the UK. Globally, EPDM is the worlds most used single ply roofing membrane. Over One Billion Square Meters of Firestone EPDM has been successfully installed, and is a testimony of pure excellence.

Seamless Completely Reliable

Most residential flat roofs are straightforward rectangles. This means we can install a single sheet of EPDM rubber to cover your roof. This means you don't have to rely on seams to waterproof your roof. Sheet sizes can be cut to fit your residential roof in just 1 piece. We have various roll sizes available.

Low Cost Best Material And Eco Friendly Too

The installed price of your roof will probably be similar to that of a quality felt roof and significantly lower than other "newer" systems. So you can have a flat roof to rely on at a fair price and also be very "green".

For example, the conclusion of a report by ACTAC (the Association of Community Technical Aid Centres Ltd) named EPDM as the ‘best buy’ roofing membrane due to its’ low environmental impact in comparison to other membranes, high durability and re-usability.

The findings of this report are published in the ‘Green Building Digest’ Issue 14. For further reference, the Greenpeace publication “Building The Future” names EPDM as the environmentally friendly choice for roofing membranes. Firestone Building Products’ commitment to the environment is reflected in the ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System implemented at all of our EPDM manufacturing plants.

Very Low Maintenance Costs

There should be no reason to maintain an EPDM Rubber roof. So long as the deck can withstand more weight you can even use an EPDM Rubber roof as a garden or you can install paving or decking over it. All you will have to do is wipe clean the edge trims now and again.

Never Perishes And Remains Flexible

EPDM Rubber is UV and ozone stable so it never perishes. It stays flexible and so can move with the building unlike static installation systems.

Successful In Very Cold And Hot Climates

EPDM rubber is installed successfully in Alaska and in the Middle East. So UK weather is never a problem!

Very Safe Installation

Because installation is a cold lay technique there is no requirement for any heat.

Overlay = Saved Money

You don't have to remove your old roof. EPDM Rubber can overlay virtually any old roof so long as your roof decking and joists are sound. This saves you money and saves the environment by reducing debris from the work.

Reliable Installation

Because only trained contractors can install our systems you are assured of a reliable installation from both the materials and contracting point of view.

Why Use EPDM Rubbercore

The Firestone RubberCover System offers a unique combination of features and benefits which have been demonstrated on hundreds of thousands of exposed roofs around the world.

Superior Durability & Longevity

Firestone RubberCover offers unmatched resistance to ozone, UV radiation, extremes of low and high temperature.

Quick & Easy Installation

With flame-free installation, Firestone RubberCoveris available in large seamless single-ply sheets resulting in fewer seams and less installation time.

High Flexibility & Elongation

Firestone RubberCover remains highly flexible even at temperatures down to -45°C. The membrane can also elongate over 300% to accomodate buidling movements.

Low Life-Cycle Cost

Firestone RubberCover requires little or no maintenance once installed and has a life expectancy of up to 50 years.

Eco Friendly

Firestone RubberCover is an inert material with limited environmental impact during manufacture and use.

A Multitide of Uses

Firestone RubberCover is an ideal, high performing system for a variety of flat roofing applications around your home.

  • Extensions
  • Verandas
  • Garages
  • Car ports
  • Garden sheds
  • Dormers
  • Trailers
  • Gutters

Easy & Flame Free Installation

The Firestone RubberCover EPDM membranes are fully adhered to the substrate using a cold applied bonding adhesive.

  • Applicable on any slope
  • High wind uplift
  • Lightweight System
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

The new built-up liquid waterproofing system for flat roofs

Sealoflex is an eco-friendly, permanent waterproofing system suitable for flat and low pitched roofs and is rapidly replacing felt, GRP, single-ply membreane and other traditional methods of waterproofing roofs.

Flexible, Highly Elastic, Long-Lasting & Suitable For Any Surface

Sealoflex is the modern, fast and efficient way to permanently waterproof large and small flat and low pitched roofs and balconies.

  • 20 year life expectancy
  • Cost effectice alternative to felt, stick-on systems, GRP and single-ply membranes
  • Much simpler to lay
  • Adheres to old felt, metal, asbestos, concerte and asphalt
  • Ideal for new timber boards and "hot" roofs
  • Easily applied - no wastage - no mixing - single component product
  • Applied by brush, roller or spray directly from the bucket
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • 15 year product warranty

The Sealoflex waterproofing system consists of a combination of a highly flexible emulsion saturant, a non-woven polyester fabric and a UV-resistant, flexible top coat available in numerous colours to suit most roofs. The system forms a fully adhered, tough, flexible waterproofing membrane which which has a highly successful 25 year record in North America, Australia, South East Asia, Europe & Africa

Why use Sealoflux

Sealoflus is used:

  • As flat roof waterproofing
  • For flashings of all types
  • As parapet wall waterproofing
  • For sealing of joints, laps and roofing screws and corrugated metal roofs
  • For standing seam metal roofs
  • Over existing built-up systems
  • As a waterproof coating for exterior walls
  • For lead guttering
  • Fod encapsulating asbestos roofs

Sealoflex has the following advantages:

  • Highly ultraviolet and ozone resistant
  • VOC compliant
  • Available in numerous colours
  • Applies easily to awkward areas
  • Excellent wind uplift resistance
  • Salt spray resistant
  • Good vapour permeability (allows substrate to breath)
  • Adheres to roof and wall surfaces including tar, stucco, concrete, metal, brick, wood, asphalt, bitumens and etc.