Talk to me today about the many benefits of installing roof windows – and learn just how easy and economical it can be to bring the outdoors inside. Roof windows let in five times as much natural light as windows of the same size and because it's light from above, this diffuses and spreads throughout the room. It's private light, meaning there are no worries about people seeing in -- or breaking in. Natural light is fundamental to the quality of our lives and living environments. Natural light creates atmosphere, makes rooms come “alive” and, as researchers tell us, can actually affect how good we feel. Living in an area with cold, dreary winters and stifling humid summers means we spend a lot of time indoors while yearning for the outdoors. Roof windows bring the outdoors “in” by improving lighting, air quality, and our view of the world. Well designed and installed roof windows can do it all.

Great things happen when we use light in our room designs. Treat light the same way you would paint or carpeting. Splash some on a wall, or flood an entire room. Use light as a key design element.

Cinque Ports Carpentry is a VELUX Certified Installer. Velux is a premier supplier of roof windows. Commitment to communication ensures there are no surprises for you. Because only quality products are used and high standards of workmanship are ensured, installations are guaranteed and they are covered by an insurance backed guarantee.